Changing the Conversation Together (CTC) is an independent group of concerned citizens working to fight the politics of hate and one-party rule.

We uphold four core values: First of all, we oppose the politics of hate and one-party domination. Second, we uphold the idea that most people are fundamentally decent. Third, we actively promote Americans being able to have respectful conversations about political differences. And fourth, we believe strongly that checks and balances are a vital part of our democracy.

CTC is an independent organization, not affiliated with any party. Volunteers do the vast majority of our work. And our funding comes from individual donors.


In the current political climate, people who are new to the political are­na as well as veteran activists are asking what they can do. They are passionate about countering the politics of hate and the restoring meaningful checks and balances. CTC works to augment current efforts, because we fear traditional voter turnout practices may be insufficient. Many groups focus on organizing those who already oppose the domination of the current Republican leadership. In contrast, CTC believes a different kind of voter engagement will mobilize a broader coalition of voters to take meaningful action. CTC is adapting evidence-based tools for voter persuasion and focusing our efforts on carefully selected lists of voters in strategic areas.

What’s more, our campaign in the mid-term election in the NY-11 Congressional District will inform our expansion plans for the 2020 elections. To date, we have already led trainings and canvasses with groups such as Get Organized Brooklyn and Staten Island Women Who March, as well as scores of individual canvassers. Plus, we continue to develop partnerships with other groups.





CTC is led by Adam Barbanel-Fried, a professional organizer with 18 years of union, community and political organizing experience in multiple cities and regions. His work has resulted in the building of good schools, development of affordable housing, and expansion of health care to thousands of low income and marginalized people. As part of his work, Adam has trained hundreds of leaders in relational organizing, organizational and leadership development, and deep canvassing.

Organizing Team

CTC is guided by an organizing team of leaders and staff. The team meets regularly to evaluate, discuss results, and design strategies to help maintain, and grow this effort.

Our Canvassers