Changing the Conversation Together is led by Adam Barbanel-Fried, a professional organizer with 18 years of union, community and political organizing experience in multiple cities and regions. His work has resulted in the building of good schools, development of affordable housing, and expansion of health care to thousands of low income and marginalized people. As part of his work, Adam has trained hundreds of leaders in relational organizing, organizational and leadership development, and deep canvassing.





Beth was inspired to join Changing the Conversation Together after learning about deep canvassing's potential for transforming the way political campaigns engage with voters. A member of #GetOrganizedBK, she is active in GOBK's Civic Activism working group and is on the executive committee of the Brooklyn Voters Alliance, which is working on reforming New York State's regressive voting laws.  Beth also serves as the Events Director at Transportation Alternatives, producing several fundraising events a year in support of TransAlt's mission of making NYC streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. 



Ben serves as Executive Director for a non-partisan community-based organization that serves 20,000 people each year with services ranging from after-school programming, to adult education, to meals-on-wheels for home-bound seniors. He has previously served on the leadership team of several other anti-poverty non-profits and in the New York City Mayor's Office as the Food Policy Coordinator, working to make it easier for hundreds of thousands of low-income New Yorkers to afford and access healthy food.