Deep Conversations, Persuasive Exchanges

Launched in October 2017, Changing the Conversation Together is an initiative focused on voter engagement and persuasion. Our mission is to use the evidence-based strategy of 'Deep Canvassing' to strengthen democracy, promote social and economic justice, and defeat Trump and his Republican supporters by engaging voters in conversations grounded in real listening and meaningful personal exchanges. 

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A conventional canvass, relies on brief exchanges focused on like-minded voters. In deep canvassing, canvassers aim to invite voters into a conversation that leads to a mutual understanding. In Deep Canvassing, the canvasser attempts to get the voter to consider political alternatives by demonstrating the faults in the underlying assumptions animating their opinions and behaviors.

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HOW It works

To elicit emotionally significant experiences and encourage reflection, canvassers use active listening to make voters feel comfortable stating their views and beliefs and personal stories to provide alternative perspectives. This empathic approach allows two people with differing views to find common ground. No yelling, no blaming. In the course of 10 - 20 minutes a lot can happen.

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Why Go Deep?

In most elections voters are barraged with impersonal tactics that often fail to sway voters, like one-way communications that tell people how to think. A deep canvass may be the first time a voter has a two-way conversation about issues and experiences, with someone of a different political persuasion. Research indicates this approach can have a lasting impact on voters and campaigns.