Deep Conversations, Persuasive Exchanges

Changing the Conversation Together is an organization dedicated to fighting the politics of hate and the domination of the current Republican leadership. In contrast to other voter turnout efforts, we focus on the evidence-based strategy of Deep Canvassing.

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We believe it is critical for Americans to engage civilly with each other, regardless of party affiliation. So, our volunteers initiate conversations with voters about the direction of our country and the significance of the upcoming elections.

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Next, we share stories about people who are important to us – and how politicians’ actions affect them. Equally important, we listen to voters’ stories about the people they care about. Often, we often find shared values and concerns.

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Finally, we make the case for voting Democratic in the upcoming elections. This isn’t about party affiliation. It is about opposing hate, upholding basic decency, and defending the checks and balances that are critical to democracy.