Changing the Conversation Together (CTC) is an organization dedicated to upholding basic decency through compassion and respectful conversation. By listening to voters’ stories and sharing their own, deep canvassers invite voters to use their vote to combat the politics of hate and cruelty in the national arena.

CTC is an independent, volunteer-run organization, not affiliated with any party.

In 2018, CTC’s first year of operation, we knocked on over 9,000 doors and engaged in 2,000 conversations. Through this work, CTC played a critical role in helping Democrat Max Rose achieve an unlikely victory in New York’s 11th Congressional District.

CTC is currently seeking funding and partners to bring this proven approach to swing states where we can have the greatest impact on the 2020 presidential election.

We encourage you to make a financial contribution to support these efforts.






CTC is led by Adam Barbanel-Fried, a professional organizer with 18 years of union, community and political organizing experience in multiple cities and regions. His work has resulted in the building of good schools, development of affordable housing, and expansion of health care to thousands of low income and marginalized people. As part of his work, Adam has trained hundreds of leaders in relational organizing, organizational and leadership development, and deep canvassing.

Organizing Team

CTC is guided by an organizing team of leaders and staff. The team meets regularly to evaluate, discuss results, and design strategies to help maintain, and grow this effort.